Elizabeth James
Fine art photographic exhibition

6 August – 29 August 2015 
Studio 65a, Sheen Lane, Mortlake London SW148AD

Private view 5 August 2015 6-8pm

Studio 65a is pleased to host a four week exhibition showcasing the work of Richmond fine art photographer Elizabeth James. Each week will exhibit a different body of work:  Colour in Motion,  Smoke Swirls, Florals and Water Drops

James was born in 1975 in South East London to mixed heritage-parents. Her mother is white English and father from the nature island Dominica in the Caribbean.

Her love of art began in her childhood and has been a prominent part of her life ever since. After dropping out of art at high school she would spend hours in her room repeatedly sketching and exploring the use of pencil and charcoal. She was captivated by the way black and white blends together and the shades of grey in between. Elizabeth is influenced by artists such as Eve Arnold , Irving Penn, Rene Jacobs, Dali, Gauguin, Jackson Pollock and Mondrian.

It wasn't until 2004 Elizabeth took what seemed to be a giant leap and started to paint with oils and as she felt confident to use colour in her work. Today her preferred art medium is photography.




She first began exploring the camera at 9 years old in her back garden in Croydon. In 2005 she took an on-line course to help her understand the mechanics of her camera and a new world of creation was born. When shooting her subjects, Elizabeth likes to achieve clean sharp images often shooting sections leaving a little to the imagination; she tends to get very up-close and personal with her subjects.

In the last couple of years James has shown her work in Works on Paper Art Fair at The Science Museum in London, the Aston Martin showroom in Mayfair London and exhibited works from the Colour in Motion series in master-chef Gordon Ramsay’s London House 

The exhibition is sponsored in part by the borough of Richmond Upon Thames.