Hayles is now open!

After much planning and not a little hair pulling, our shop Hayles on Sheen Lane finally opened its doors in June. Selling an eclectic range of art, ceramics, lighting, a few bits of furniture and really anything that has caught our eye, we hope to offer a range of things that you are unlikely to find anywhere else and a price that won't break the bank.

We had a series of mostly Victorian lustre jugs that you can buy just add a small posy of flowers to make it your own. Prices range from £15 for a tiny little silver lustre jug all the way up to this gorgeous - and highly collectable - early 19th Century Sunderland lustre jug for £257. Crews of colliers shipping coals from Newcastle (yes, really) would take orders for Sunderland motto jugs at whatever port they visited making each one unique and beautifully evocative of times gone by.