Arnsdorf, a small fashion brand in Melbourne, opened a pop up store designed by Edwards Moore who decorated the small shop with 154 pairs of pantyhose. 

Source/Photo credit: Edwards Moore via Fast Company

Pop Up Shop.

Pop-up stores are becoming ever more popular as they are cheaper solutions than year-round rentals, can be innovative and generate a buzz for companies.

At 65a Sheen Lane we have a high foot traffic area on way to /from Mortlake station (260mtrs) and to Thompson School on Vernon Street (100mtrs).

it also has shopping foot traffic; retailers and businesses that are nearby and include coffee shops, bakers, restaurants, health shops, antique /brick-a-braq stores, estate agents and a children's toy shop.

65a Sheen Lane is (a) a turn-key space in a good location, (b) has high foot traffic, (c) is nearby relevant businesses and (4) we will assist in helping you advertise the pop-up /gallery by sending out emails and /or invitations.

We think it is a stimulating platform for exploring a range of uses and the space is adaptable in content and occasion. 

As a pop-up shop bookings can me made via appear [here] website, by calling them on +44 (0)20 3096 2180 or by email at