Exhibition of the work of four Richmond artists

Alison Hegraeus, Sally Perry, Karen Pitcairn and Wendy Harrop

Studio 65a
12 March – 4 April 2015

Studio 65A is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by four Richmond artists who all studied together at Putney School of Art and Design. For this exhibition each has selected works reflects the art of the time.

Alison Hegraeus is a local Artist, living in Mortlake.  She has been drawing and painting for several years and has focused in particular on oil painting.  Her passion derives from her continued inspiration with fashion, textiles and nature.  She is drawn to the human figure and how the form is represented with clothing.   Alison is increasingly drawn to the use of texture in oil painting and the variation of subtle colours. In her most recent work she explores the representation of fabric and her recent influences of nature and organic shapes.

Sally Perry Based in Putney, Sally has been studying painting and producing work for a number of years, specialising particularly in oils.  She enjoys experimenting with colour and bold, naïve images, and often uses ideas from her imagination or memory as inspiration.

In her current pieces, Sally is working in both oil and acrylic focussing on colour and intuitive mark making.


Karen Pitcairn A local artist, living and working in East Sheen.   She has been drawing and painting the figure for many years but she now primarily works with clay to produce figurative sculptures.

Karen has been exploring the idea that posture can convey a whole range of human experiences from youth through to old age. The slight tilt of a head, the arching of a back or the position of the hands can convey so many different emotions, which her sculptures vividly capture.   Having studied the work of Matisse, Karen is also interested in the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of the figure, her low reliefs being a combination of the two.

Wendy Harrop Works in oils and acrylic. The influence of her career as a graphic designer and art director can be seen clearly in her paintings. Intrigued by the 4000-year-old Avebury stone circle and nearby man-made Silbury Hill with its legend of King Sil and his golden horse – supposedly buried within the 40metre-high hill, though nothing has ever been found – her paintings explores mankind’s centuries of searching for the truth. In contrast, she also likes to paint studies from her kitchen garden in a completely different style. Wendy live in Barnes.