Robynne Limoges
Richmond ARThouse

26 June – 12 July 2015  
Studio 65a, Sheen Lane, Mortlake London SW148AD


For her Richmond ARThouse open studios exhibition at Studio65a, American born photographer Robbyne Limoges is exhibiting a changing series of photographs from different locations around the world. These work share a conceptual framework and structural style; capturing subtle transitions that transport the viewer into a stunning new landscape of black and white.

In her work, light is a metaphor and the philosophical equation is just how much light is necessary to dispel darkness. Limoges's interest is in the implication rather than the declaration and she is drawn to images that do not represent a single point narrative. The photographs are dark, but never sinister, their sensual shadows pour out like half-remembered moods from the twilight between the worlds of consciousness and dream.

In describing her work Limoges says: “Whether I am working with the vocabulary of architectural space, landscape, interiors or the figure, my goal is one of distillation: how can I explore the psychological territory before me, distil the information available and yet maintain the emotion and enigma of what I saw.” There is perhaps a quality of waiting in these images: for the story to begin, for the exchange of memory. If they seem familiar, it may be because many of us have spent time there too, in the hazy shadow between the cold light of day and the dark places. Limoges focuses on images whose meaning and narrative are unresolved - images that can bring disquiet as well as pleasure.











Robbyne Limoges has been living in London since 1990 and has had numerous group and solo exhibitions, including International Garden Photographer of the Year finalist (2014, 2015). Solo Exhibitions include The Milton Gallery, London (2003), Artist in Residence: St Paul's School, London (2003), 54 The Gallery, London (2000), Freud Gallery, London (1999), Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam (1997), Group exhibitions at several London venues including the Victoria & Albert Museum and Orleans House Gallery. Her book 'Sotto Voce' was published in 2010.