So FaB
Society of Fulham Artists and Potters

Studio 65
6 November - 23 December 2014

Studio 65 is pleased to present 'SoFaB' a group exhibition organised by The Society of Fulham Artists & Potters' (SOFAP). A Hammersmith and Fulham based local group of potters founded in 1952 as Society of Fulham Artists, a not-for-profit organisation 'to encourage the practice and exhibition of the work of local artists in association, and to attract and interest the public in the visual Arts.'

In 2003 the society combined with a local group of potters and welcomes a wide spectrum of abilities, encouraging both amateur and professional members to exhibit together and share in the eclectic mix of styles and talents.  Membership of SOFAP is open to anyone over the age of eighteen living, working or studying in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and neighbouring boroughs.

Susan Frey responsible was invited to curate the exhibition, as she is responsible for external exhibition venues for SOFAP and has curated numerous exhibitions for the society. Her love of drawing has being the mainstay of her artistic life from early school-days through college and beyond.

The works included in this exhibition seeks to contest the notion of boundaries between professional and amateur art, and the eight artists have created work are good value for private spaces.

Hazel Leach and Monir Parhizgar   

Mary Ashby,  Romaine Dennistoun, Liz Elmhirst, Silviya Georgieva, Jim Gigurtsis, Geraldine Higson, Mandana Khonsari, Clare Weatherill and Diane Whyte 


Mary Ashby has always had an interest in art, but a busy career left her no time to pursue it until she retired from full-time employment. Mary took up painting, and her work has developed under the inspiring teaching of Peter Fleming, Paul Gildea and Tony Rothon.

She prefers working in oil paint because of its tactile quality, its richness of texture and its adaptability and her subjects range from still life to landscape, life studies and portraits. 

Clare Weatherill moved to London 10 years ago and was then able to fulfill a long held ambition to paint full time. Clare has always been passionate about water colour and now paints at every available moment both en plein air and in her studio at home.   She is Chairman of SOFAP and a member of Twickenham Art Circle among others societies and organisations. 

Romaine Dennistoun studied at Fortman Studios in Florence, an independent international school for the study of fine arts. Later at Central Saint Martins, she was inspired to pursue her interest in drawing animals from observation. Her teaching experience encompasses primary schools, adult education, the Alternative Curriculum (for teenagers who have slipped the net of traditional education) and young offenders.    

Jim Gigurtsis is a self taught artist living in Chiswick and primarily works with oils and watercolours, and lean towards a contemporary aspect. His paintings express his passion for life and he is  particularly interested in how everyday objects can be used to represent issues that all of us have to face daily. Jim is partly influenced by the post-impressionist movement and how light and shadow can create the illusion of reality.

Mandana Khonsari has always had a passion for art; however, it was not until about ten years ago that she decided to devote her time entirely to art. After studying at Putney School of Art and Design Mandana based herself in a studio in Wandsworth. As a contemporary semi abstract artist, she enjoys using bright strong colours to capture the essence of the beauty which nature has to offer.

Liz Elmhirst studied at Birmingham College of Art and Design and gained a DIP. A.D. in Textiles originally but always painted and drew. Later she started etching and became more focused on watercolours and drawing. She is inspired by many subjects ranging from nature, landscapes and seascapes, the human figure and still life as well as architecture. Liz has exhibited in a variety of galleries over the years including the R.A. and the National Theatre.